"Diamonds & Pearls"💕Private label

"Diamonds & Pearls"💕Private label

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Free part Diamonds & Pearls is a gorgeous Blunt cute with Platinums, Silvers &  Brown tones. Her colors are so very unique. Private label/Custom made she is gorgeous and silky soft with the highest quality fibers used. She is so beautifully perfect.  16" combs, straps and removable security strap.  

Most of our wigs are high quality Japanese fibers and silk fibers & Human Blends.

Specialty wigs are the highest quality of fiber. You will find them in their own category💕

 Keep in mind that Wigs do look different on everyone.

Colors might slightly vary from the picture due to lighting and photography.  Most wigs have adjustable straps & combs.

All wig sales are FINAL! Our wigs are carefully inspected prior to shipment. 

Wigs are not returnable due to Hygienic reasons"